EGG HUNT FAQ | 03.30.24


It's time for our annual millie+roo egg hunt! We know many of you will be spending time with your friends + family on Sunday, so we're hosting our egg hunt THIS SATURDAY! Read on for more details -- and, hopefully, the answer to any questions you may have!

Each code will be on a graphic identical to the below image (except the Golden Egg, which will be... golden). The code will be written where the below graphic says "CODE HERE." I'm also including a description on the graphic of what each code offers (50% off, 40% off, etc).

  • What are the code amounts?: 
    • 1 GOLDEN EGG: $100 shop credit
    • 5 total 50% off eggs, 1 use each 
    • 1 total 40% off egg, 20 uses 
    • 1 total 35% off egg, 30 uses 
    • 1 total free beanie egg, 45 uses 
    • Once these codes are used up, code SPRING30 will save 30% for the remainder of the day!
  • Is there an order minimum?: All codes have a $35 order minimum in order to be used. This means your cart needs to total at least $35 BEFORE entering a code. 
    What time does the sale kick off?: 10 AM PST! 
  • Do the codes expire?: All codes (including the $100 shop credit) expire at midnight pst! 
  • How many codes will be hidden on the website?: 100 codes + 1 golden egg
  • How do we know if a code has been used up?: You will receive an error message at checkout. We will also do our best to remove codes from the website + update in VIP once they've been used.
  • Can we preload our cart?: Absolutely!! Please do! 
  • Do the codes apply site-wide?: Thursday's MAGIC drop is excluded from the codes. Otherwise, all items on the website are included! 
  • Where can we expect to find the codes?: Anywhere! I would suggest checking product listings, the blog, FAQ, etc. 
  • Will you tell us when all codes have been claimed?: Yes! We will do our best to update in VIP as we go. 
  • Will there be any other type of discount on Saturday?: We will offer 30% off with code SPRING30 after the eggs have been found + used. 
  • I placed my order using a 40% off code, but then found a 50% off code! Can I apply the 50% off code to my order?: Unfortunately, no. We will not be canceling or refunding orders after they have been placed.
  • Am I able to make changes to my order after it has been placed?: No, we will not be able to make any changes to orders after they have been placed - including address changes, size change requests, etc. Orders are sent to the warehouse in real time + cannot be altered. 
  • Am I able to return items from this sale?: No. All items purchased during this sale are considered final sale + cannot be returned. In instances like this, Redo covers package protection only.