10 years of millie ✨

10 years of millie ✨

It's time for a sale-bration! Amber started millie + roo with a new sewing machine, a diaper box, and a bandana bib on January 14, 2014. She was a new mom who, like so many of us, wanted to find herself again. Little did she know, Amber would find a whole community in the creation of millie + roo. 
Fun facts: 
  • millie + roo is named after Amber's two children - Millie + Logan (whose nickname is Roo!) 
  • Because millie + roo was started before sweet Millie joined the family, the brand was originally named Mama Sew Happy. Special shoutout to those who have been with Amber since the very beginning! 

Twirl Dresses

To honor an entire decade of the best un-basic basics, we're throwing a sale-bration! Kicking off at 7 am pst on Sunday, January 14th, we'll be partying all day long with new releases, gift card giveaways, and an incredible flash sale. It's going to be a day of fun + we can't wait to sale-brate with you! 

Ready to learn more about what's coming to the site + how we're celebrating YOU? Keep reading for all the details!


Are you ready for the biggest release yet? On Sunday at 7 am PST, we will be releasing EIGHT totally new prints + bringing back some customer favorites in twirl dresses! 

We'll be twirling into your hearts in these customer-favorite prints, now available in dresses: Black + White Check, Grey Check, Millie Magic, Roo Magic, + Smile Check. This release of bamboo dresses features our NEW sizing, with a one-inch shorter skirt for a super cute fit! 

    Black Tie Dye

    Now, for our mega release of brand new prints... 

    • Black Tie Dye: Zip Rompers, Two-Piece Sets, Short Sets, Twirl Dresses
    • Space Zip Rompers, Two-Piece Sets, Short Sets
    • Spring FloralZip Rompers, Two-Piece Sets, Short Sets, Twirl Dresses
    • HappinessZip Rompers, Two-Piece Sets, Short Sets, Twirl Dresses
    • PeaceZip Rompers, Two-Piece Sets, Short Sets
    • ToolsZip Rompers, Two-Piece Sets, Short Sets
    • LegosZip Rompers, Two-Piece Sets, Short Sets
    • LuckyZip Rompers, Two-Piece Sets, Short Sets, Basic Tees


      We could have stopped the sale-bration with a host of new prints, but that just isn't our style. We promised a party - and we're kicking things off at 7 am PST! 

      • Beginning at 7 am PST with the release of the new prints, the first 100 customers to place an order will receive a gift card to millie + roo! The amount of the gift card may vary.
      • The website will be 30% off throughout the ENTIRE DAY! We don't offer 30% off very often, so make sure to take advantage of this discount to stock up on your favorite millie + roo pieces. 
      • But wait - we might have one more trick up our sleeve...


      FLASH SALE! 

      At 10 am PST, the entire website will be 60% percent off for just 10 minutes! Yes - SIXTY PERCENT OFF! No exclusions (apart from gift cards) + no discount code needed. The discount will apply automatically! 

      Yes, this means you can snag one of our incredible new releases for 60% off at 10 am PST! Pro tip? Build your cart before the flash sale begins so you're prepared to check out the moment the clock strikes 10 am PST!


        Frequently Asked Questions

        • What were the times again? 
          • New releases hit the website: 7 am PST 
          • First 100 customer orders receive a gift card: 7 am PST 
          • 60% flash sale for 10 minutes: 10 am PST
        • For how long is the 60% off sale? 10 minutes only! Please make sure that every detail of your order is correct before hitting submit. With our new warehouse, orders start being fulfilled within an hour - so we cannot make changes to your order, no matter how much we'd love to help! 
        • Will you accept returns/exchanges during the sale?: All items purchased at 60% off are finale sale + are therefore unable to be returned or exchanged. 
        • How quickly can I expect my order to ship?: Orders placed on Sunday will begin shipping on Monday! There is a small exception - some of our inventory is currently being transferred from our old warehouse to our new (absolutely incredible) warehouse! If you purchase an item that is currently in transit, your order won't ship until those items land on our warehouse's doorstep. We're hopeful those items will be ready to go by mid-week, but just a warning! You can read more about this transition here
        • Are we able to stack Roos (rewards system) with 30% and/or 60% off?: YES! Your Roo credits will stack with the discount codes. Please make sure you apply Roos before checking out. Please ensure you're logged into your account on our website so you can earn points for your order. We will not issue refunds/returns for forgotten Roos. 
        • Will the 60% discount apply to gift cards?: No, gift cards are the only exclusion. 
        • The first 100 customers will receive a gift card - starting when?: The first 100 orders after 7 am PST will receive a git card. It may take us a bit of time to get all 100 gift cards out, but we'll do our absolute best to do so quickly! 
        • How will I know if I'm one of the first 100 customers?: We will send an email to the lucky 100 customers after the sale has concluded. 


        If you have any questions or concerns, we're more than happy to help! Please reach out to info@millieandroo.com + we'll get back to you within 24 business hours. We appreciate your patience!  

        Spring Floral

        Thank you so much for an incredible 10 years! We can't wait to grow millie even further in 2024 - and so far beyond. It's because of you that we're successful, so thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

        See you at 7 am PST! 


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